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Rain Water and its Magical Properties

Mother Nature always seems to provide, we just have to be willing to accept her gifts in the many forms they present themselves, from crystals and herbs to animals and the water they drink from. Rain water is just one of those gifts and a powerful one at that, it not only brings life back to barron wastelands but it nurishes our body mind and soul. These are just some tips on how you can better utilize this natural gift.

  1. Blessing Items- All water is shapeless and carries vibrations, this is the way it is turned into holy water. By thoughts, prayer and chants our voice carrys a coded message for the water to change to. A Japanese Doctor named Masaru Emoto has proven this by experimenting with water and putting it under a microscope to see what happened after speaking hateful things to it, playing soft classical music, tell the water kind things and found that its molecular structure would change depending on his thoughts and words. Beautiful gemoetric shapes would be made from all the kind things he would say or play for it and distorted images for all the negative things he said. Now that you have an idea of what im talking about, youll realize that everyone is made up of atleast 70% water. Next time you want to get angry at someone stop and think about the effects it is having on your own body ! Once you have sat with this idea for a few weeks and have put it to the test you can begin to practice blessing your rain water with the utmost faith that the water is ineed listening to your thoughts and prayers without having to put it under a microscope. after you have blessed the water you can commence to bless your home with it and anything under the sun that you would like to see taken care of, whether it be your childs safety blanket, your favorite pair of shoes, crystals, your alters, you name it you bless it !

2. Fertility Blessing- water is needed by all living things, it is a symbol for life and death. With the right amount your gardens will flourish, too much of it and they will drown, rain water is here to help you find the balance your body needs to be able to sustain a new life inside of it. It'll help your body flush out the toxic energies inside to make room for the love, just as The Lord flooded the earth in order to make room for you and me to exsist. You should be in a loving vibration if you want to bring life into this world and this means starting with your thoughts and emotions and for many of us this is difficult but using rain water will help not only you but your partner to get in a more positive vibration to make a nurturing hospitable enviornment for your little miracle.

3. Aid in the Grieving Process- For anyone who is going through the heavy loss of a loved one or a difficult break up, rain water is great for helping to bring that pain to an end. Itll help you to let go in the most nurturing way and accept what is and allow you to look forward for whats to come.

4. Purifying/ Cleansing impurities- just as water washes away dirt from our bodies, rain water can be used to bathe with to wash away the negative energy we have collected over the past few months. If you havent been feeling like your old loving kind self maybe its time to set your intentions and rinse off with your magical rain water.

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