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Magically Charged Jewelry?

It might sound odd to some but yes, we do in fact produce magically charged crystals! Each piece is charged with Arch Angel Candle Magick with multiple proprietary rituals. We guarantee that our customers will feel the Magick and receive the highest good from each crystal. When Dee is designing all her custom pieces, she puts deep intent into each item. Ask any Magick Moon Spirit Jewelry customer about why they love the company and items so much and they will tell you that it a power and feeling that cannot be duplicated. The jewelry in fact is so strong that people have reported having to wear only one piece at a time until they can build up a tolerance for the energy. If you are new to our products let me be the first to say, “Welcome to the family!” We are sure that you will love your experience with us, or we will make it right.

-Chris Moon (Moonie)

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25 juin 2020

Thanks Moon and Dee for such beautiful, amazing products and for a wonderful family to belong to. #MMSJFAMILY ❤❤

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