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How to get started on your spiritual path

By Chris Moon

Many people approach Dee and I about how to get started living a more spiritual existence. They ask questions about what steps need to be taken to reach some sort of an enlightenment. While I will say that the journey is different for every soul, there is one thing that is required for everyone as far as I can tell. That one thing is manifestation through gratitude. This is a skill that has to be mastered before anyone can reach and understand their higher selves.

It takes a major overhaul for someone who doesn't understand this practice yet to begin to see the possibilities and realities. We can have anything that we desire through this practice including happiness, fulfillment, love, abundance and so much more. There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve. How do you do this? Through turning thoughts into things and being grateful for what you have now and what you are manifesting.

Many of our clients use our magically charged crystals to help them in all stages of their journey. Each crystal will reinforce the manifestations that are being sent to the Universe and give you the opportunity to feel the reality prior to it obtaining it. In the same sense the crystals will intensify manifestation when it enters our 3-D world. Each stone is a generator that will never stop working.

For those just taking their first steps on this great journey, I would recommend purchasing some clear crystal quartz. It is a great stone to use while beginning your first attempts at manifestation. When you attempt your first manifestation sit somewhere quietly. Hold your crystal quartz and envision it glowing with the power of your intentions. As you exert your manifestations, imagine the crystal vibrating and shooting those thoughts into the cosmos. Fill your crystal with all of your intentions and each time you use it know that those manifestations are being recharged.

Your journey has started with reading this blog. I believe that you will be surprised at how quickly you begin to see tangible results. Dee and I are always happy to give advice should you feel that you need a nudge along the way. Best of luck on your first step in a long and rewarding journey!


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