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Astrology Column for December 2020

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius: 11/23 – 12/21: Your growth potential requires that you show all

your talents without reservation. It is an optimistic time emotionally but there are physical

challenges, especially in a tendency to gain weight. You are also able to communicate clearly so

you easily gather information that can change the way you interact with others and the world.

People will cooperate with your plans if you deal with them on a spiritual level so that all

involved has an equal opportunity to benefit.

Aries: 3/21 – 4/20: Your impulsive acts and the fact that you lack patience causes a disruption

to your routines. You are not currently inclined to put others ahead of yourself so pursue

competitive pursuits that will provide an outlet for the erratic energy. You can attract a short-

term romance so keep things in perspective. You are blessed that most concerns are not serious

for the long term.

Taurus: 4/21 – 5/21: Discipline and routine are generally natural to you but now this is not what

you are interested in. There is an intense urge to find a way to have everything that you want.

But the motto is: Responsibility before pleasure. You can set the stage for a more compatible

relationship with co-workers or those who work for you. Compromise for now. This is only a

temporary necessity.

Gemini: 5/22 – 6/21: Your significant other may be working against you as you attempt to find

your true self. Keep silent and see if you can gather more information. Philosophical differences

can make natters worse. Compromise and negotiate. Clarity is hard to come by sometimes, so

use it while you have it. There is no going back anyway.

Cancer: 6/22 – 7/22: Powerful people are in your immediate environment and can influence and

affect you on a psychological level. You will be helping another, probably an elderly person,

who shares resources. Someone or something needs care, and you will be surprised at your

emotional response to the situation. Stay flexible or risk a conflict.

Leo: 7/23 – 8/22: You are reaching out for more guidance and new information. It has been

difficult for you to avoid blaming others for missing the nuances of your plans. Encounters with

those from other cultures or have international experiences will influence how you are able to

understand the world. Your new studies or hobbies widen your understanding of your world.

Virgo: 8/23 – 9/23: You communicate your desires, ambitions, and expectations for your career

path. It is important that you fully recognize and appreciate your abilities for you are particularly

skilled. It may be time to take your current interest into the professional arena so you can make

improvements to your processes. Your business may put you in the public eye, so get ready to

deal with a wider audience.

Libra: 9/24 – 10/23: People are very attracted to you and want to spend time helping you make

significant gains in your personal goals. Others may be taking actions that do not flow with your

plans so you must clearly communicate what you expect them to do. Social events are of

importance now and you are agreeable in general, so now is a good time to deal with conflicts

because they are easily resolved.

Scorpio: 10/24 – 11/22: This is a time when you must deal with surprising situations that will

come to light. You are preparing for a new cycle so wrap up all those loose ends. Most

important is to release those childhood patterns that continue to haunt and influence your good

judgment. Bring all those unpleasant feelings out into the open. They will then disintegrate.

Capricorn: 12/22 – 1/20: You may have a reversal of fortune or at least a shift that requires

more discretion in your spending patterns. The responsibility that you feel can become a rigid

and miserly approach to your happiness going forward and discipline is required. If you find

yourself vacillating between overspending and stinginess, determine what is important to you.

Aquarius: 1/21 – 2/19: Your edginess makes you want to move, and a change of scenery is

highly recommended. You may feel you are just now seeing those around you, or you have

determined that this place is not the place for you. What you have always believed would be

there for you has become unreliable and unpredictable. Look at the world in a new way and you

will find where your security and stability can be found again.

Pisces: 2/20 – 3/20: A private sanctuary is decorated in blues and greens, becoming a dreamy

place that allows you to enjoy and acknowledge the subtle inner changes that are taking place.

You will find a new source of comfort and those closest to you will want to participate in the

quiet and harmony. Security is found inside, and you will begin to rely on your own resources.

Dr. Annie Hollis teaches astrology at the Atlantian Mystery School in Atlanta and practices

astrology and tarot readings at The Inner Space. She is also a Master Life Coach and provides

the astrology column for Haunted Times. You may reach her for an appointment or a phone

reading at 404-252-4540.

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